Vacation Policy

4We want you to get the most out of your CSA this year. When you send us your membership payment, you are paying for your vegetables that are delivered each week. We want to make sure you get those vegetables you paid for, so here is our operating schedule if you think you won’t make it to get your produce.


If you know that you’re going to be away for a Wednesday or Thursday pick-up, you must let the site coordinator know prior to the Friday before pick-up that you will be gone. We can double-up your share another week of your choosing or you can send a proxy to pick up your share for you in your absence. Share numbers are sent to the farmers on Saturday and it is very hard to make changes to our numbers after the share count is calculated.


If it’s Wednesday or Thursday afternoon and you’re scrambling or get stuck in traffic, call the site coordinator at 731-5955 BEFORE 6:30 and your share will be collected for you. For Wednesday pick-up, your share will be stored in the fridge in the pick-up room and you will be able to pick it up on Thursday. For Thursday pick-up, the drop-off site will hold your share as long as they can on Friday. Shares picked up the next day hold no quality guarantees, but we try our hardest to store the produce as best as possible. The Friendly Kitchen picks up any leftover vegetables after we shut down the site, so please call as soon as you know you can’t make it or before 6:30.


If you are unsure about this policy or have any questions, please email me at or talk to your site coordinator! Please do not call and leave a voicemail concerning your vacation.