Kearsarge Gore Farm

The Kearsarge Gore Farm is owned and operated by Bob Bower and Jennifer Ohler with much help from their children, Sam and Abby, and a small but enthusiastic farm crew.

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Located on the Gore Road near the toll gate to Rollins State Park and Mt. Kearsarge, the farm has 7 acres and 2 hoop houses in certified organic produce, 20 acres in pasture and hayfield, and 450 acres of woodlot.

We grow a full range of market vegetables and flowers, all sold locally through CSAs, farmers markets, and directly from the farm. We also raise a small flock of Dorset sheep, several pigs, and Devon cows. Throughout the year we cut cordwood, and in the spring we put out 2,000 taps for maple syrup. The entire farm is off-grid, using solar panels for electricity.

We have made our living through the sales of organic produce, cordwood and maple syrup for 27 years.

CSA members are welcome to come and visit us at the farm.

Contact us:
Kearsarge Gore Farm
Robert Bower and Jennifer Ohler
173 Gore Road
Warner, NH 03278

(603) 456-2319