Referral Policy

Word of mouth is one of our best marketing tools so we highly appreciate all of our members that recommend us to the people they know. 

If you are a current Local Harvest CSA member and a friend that you referred signs up as a new member with Local Harvest CSA, we will either give you $25 or take $25 off your remaining balance! 

All you need to do is have the new member mention your name on their membership form that they mail to us or in the “Additional Information” note box when signing up online!

Please read the following to see how to earn referral credits/rewards:

  • The $25 Referral Reward will be mailed to you in the form of a check. Please allow for several weeks for us to process the referral and mail the check. If you have an existing balance, we will put the $25 towards your balance automatically. 
  • A new member must mention you in the “Additional Information”/”Notes” portion of the checkout process when they sign-up online or they must mention you on their membership form when they mail it in for you to receive the $25 referral reward.
  • A member that has already signed up cannot go back and add a referral after they have finished signing up.
  • Please mention the referral in the signing up process on the membership form or in the comments when signing up online. We cannot give referral to you if you e-mail us stating that you referred a new members, the new member has to mention it during their sign-up process.
  • You can refer as many friends and family as you’d like!! 
  • When listing who referred you to the CSA, please only mention one name. The referral reward can only be given to one person so if multiple names are listed we will give the reward to only the first name listed.
  • If you have a remaining balance and are to receive a Referral Credit, $25 will automatically come off of your balance. If you do not have a remaining balance, we will mail you a check for $25.
  • In order for someone to receive the referral reward, they must be a currently signed up member. We cannot give the referral reward to people that are not current members of our CSA. 
  • If you are already a member or a returning member and you sign up for another share or return for another year of shares, you are not eligible to list a name of someone who referred you as you are already a member or returning. You are more than welcome to refer people and receive the referral reward! 

We thank you in advance for any referrals! If you have questions about how our referral system works, please feel free to contact us.