Summer Abundance Share

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Product Description

Share pick-up days and time frames are different for pick-up locations, Click Here for information about pick-up locations to see what time and day pick-up is for each location!

The summer share is pro-rated each week since the share has started. You can now sign-up to join us during week 17 with your first pick-up on Wednesday October 4th or Thursday October 5th. 

The Summer Abundance Share runs the gamut of what is growing in New Hampshire in the summer! You will find a huge variety of greens like lettuce, chard, and kale in addition to many summer treats such as green beans, watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, and corn.

The Summer Abundance Share runs for 18 weeks for all pick-up locations.
The share begins the week of June 14 and runs through  October 12.