Spring “Greens Lover” Share



Product Description

We only offer this share at our Pleasant Street pick-up in Concord.

The 2018 Spring “Green Lovers” Share runs for a quick three weeks from May 23rd until June 6th.

In the Spring share you get plenty of greens, but we try to keep the variety high by including goodies such as baby bok-choi, salad mix, and many varieties of kale, lettuce, and chard. In addition we try to get as many early treats in as well such as scallions, radishes, rhubarb,  herbs, green garlic, and sugar snap peas.

The short time makes this share a great way to introduce yourself or somebody you know to CSA.
It can also be a great gift for someone!

How does the weekly pick-up fit with your schedule? How will you use the produce each week? Do you find yourself eating differently now that you’ve pre-paid for this produce? Start with the spring and see what our CSA can offer you.