Payment Plans

For our farmers, CSA provides peace of mind through a membership fee that helps us get the job done before there is anything to actually sell. But for you, that membership fee can be a big chunk of change. We ask for that money upfront if you can afford it, but we don’t think the food we grow should be out of reach for anybody. We offer flexible payments that work to meet your budget and ours.


Setting Up A Payment Plan

If you would like to set up a payment plan we are here to help! You can set up an automatic online payment that allows you to pay with your credit/debit card. This payment is set up in automatic increments that collect the payments (the 1st for monthly payments, the 1st and 15th of the month for bi-weekly payments). For example, you can split your payment into four separate payments that get deducted at the beginning of four months. To set up an automatic online payment plan please call us at (603) 731-5955. If you have questions,  e-mail us at Payment plans cannot be set up through our website checkout.

You can also make payments using checks. If you would like to make payments using checks, please print and complete a membership form. Mail your form and first payment to us and we will be in contact with to you schedule the rest of your payments. Feel free to make a note on the form (i.e. “I would like to make four payments at the beginning of every month”). Mail your completed membership form and first payments to:

Local Harvest CSA
75 South Main Street
Unit 7 PMB 518
Concord, NH 03301

If you would like to set up an automatic payment plan at any other time during the year, please get in touch! This saves us the hassle of paperwork and you the hassle of mailing checks!


If you want to buy a CSA share, but don’t have the payment all at once, here are the three criteria to meet when creating a payment plan:

1) You must pay for half of the share by the first day of the share.
For example, if you’re buying a summer standard at our Concord pick-up ($570), you need to pay at least $285 by the date in June that share starts. 

2) The second half of your share must be paid for by halfway through the share season.
For example, for our summer standard at the Concord pick-up, you need to pay the second $285 by August 10th, week 9 out of 18 weeks.

3) Please complete your plan in as few payments as possible.  
We ask that you keep to 6 or less payments. This saves immense time on our end for bookkeeping. Who wants to spend more time doing that?
Think about how much money you will spend on vegetables this summer.
If you had smaller payments towards a CSA share, why not spend that money on local, organic vegetables instead?