Becoming A Pick-Up Site

If 15 or more people at a shared location are interested in joining Local Harvest CSA and would like to have their shares dropped off at that location (your office, workplace, neighborhood, gym, church, etc.) we are happy to arrange to drop-off shares at your location for those 15 + members or to make that location a pick-up site available to all of our members.


New: Reduced Rates for Member’s Coordinating a Pick-up Location

This year we are starting a new offer. Members can create their own pick-up point for pre-bagged shares and we will reduce the share cost for the coordinating member! All we need is someone willing to coordinate a location and 15 or more people signed-up for shares at that location. Your location can be a neighborhood, office, workplace, gym, club, church, etc.

As a site coordinator, we are offering you $1 off your weekly share price for each member that signs up to pick-up a share at your site. In exchange, we ask that you ensure that members at your pick-up location receive their share each week (ensuring the building is open for members to pick-up their share, securing shares so they are not tampered with or taken, ensuring members take their share and not someone else’s, making sure shares are kept out of extreme heat or cold, etc.).

Share Size Full 18 Week Summer Price Weekly Share Price Discount for 15 members Discounted weekly price
Basic $385 $21 – $15/week $6
Standard $570 $31 -$15/week $16
Full $810 $45 -$15/week $30


If you have questions or if you have 15 or more people interested in picking up shares at your site, please contact us today! We are happy to answer any questions and help you get your pick-up site started!

Please be aware that:

  • By receiving the offer of $1 off for each member that signs up at your pick-up location, you are agreeing to make sure that all members at that location receive their share each week when they come during the scheduled pick-up.
  • A minimum of 15 members is required for us to drop off shares at a site for the shares to be picked up. There is not a limit to how many members can sign-up, just the minimum.
  • If you have more members than the weekly cost of your share, we can offer a larger share or reduced rates for another share but we cannot offer money back or future credits.


Contact Anna today! | 731-5955